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We don’t use cookie cutter copy and definitely wouldn’t expect you to either. We NEVER use templates. 100% of the copy we write is 100% original.

Copy Editing

Sometimes You Don’t Need Brand New Copy… Sometimes just tweaking your current copy to optimize conversions is all you need!

We’re Your Marketing Wizards

We do more than just copywriting…

We can set up your Social Media advertising and have funnels built within a few days so you can start collecting leads and making money
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Great Question…

At some point in time I’m sure you have read something that triggered an emotional response in your brain. It could have been a Facebook post, articles, or maybe even a video that made you feel something.

That’s our only goal. Write copy that extracts emotions from your perfect prospects and moves them towards making a decision.

A few things we rock at

This is just the tip of the iceburg as far as what we can help you with…


Expert copywriting for your emails, landing pages, facebook ads, squeeze pages… and whatever else you can think of. If you’re here… you understand the importance of stellar ad copy… click that button below.

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Copywriting Training

Maybe you’re a stellar marketer and want to write stronger copy… or maybe you’re a new copywriter trying to find your way. Either way… This is the ultimate way to learn to write more compelling ad copy that converts.

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Stratgeic Brand Positioning

Often this is reffered to as your brand message. How people can relate to your brand and make the decision to purchase something. This will consist of 2 separate 1 hour coaching calls.

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Digital Marketing

Or Social Media Marketing. I’ve personally spent thousands upon thousands of dollars running ads for my own courses, businesses, coaching sessions and email lists. Digital marketing can consist of Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn… for now! Apply to work with me below…

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Our Secret Sauce

I actually want to give you our secret sauce from the get go. No webinars… no “Free” strategy calls… I’ll give it to you right here.

Our secret sauce is comprised of a multitude of ingredients. I’ve brilliantly mixed formulas taught from some of the greats like Grant Cardone, Ryan Stewman, Russell Brunson, Dale Carnegie, Chris Voss, and many more. I’ve obsessively studied these multi-millionaires to determine what it was that made them so successful. In every single instance, it was clear to me. They all were expert copywriters or hired expert copywriters. They precisely told their story in a way that every single one of their raving fans would understand and relate to it. That’s exactly what we do.

Client Testimonials

I’d Rather My Clients Tell You The Story…

Cole is my absolute favorite writer by far. I’ve had many writer’s over the years and Cole’s ability to stay focused and extract my voice in his writing is incredible.

Alex Charfen

Charfen Institute

Cole was able to piece together solid copy for my book pre-launch! He was very responsive and always kept our team up to date on his progress.

Tai Lopez

Mas Marketing, LLC

I had some copy that’s converted well before… but Cole & his team took it to the next level. If you’re running ads, or any type of marketing you need his team. They are ridiculously crazy at producing copy that converts.

Seth Weinstein

Perfect Presence

What Are You Waiting For!?

Cole VanDeWoestyne (Cole Vandee)



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