Alex Jimenez “A Veterans Best Friend”

Alex Jimenez “A Veterans Best Friend”

Over Alex’s lifetime’s lived in a few places, worked in a few industries, but one thing has always remained the same. He wants to make sure our veterans are taken care of.


“Without Veterans, we wouldn’t have a place to live, work to do, and most importantly… our freedom.” Is how Alex responded to “Why are you so passionate about helping our Veterans?”


A lot of times in life we struggle between doing what we love to do every single day, and what we have to do in order to survive and feed our families.


Alex was one of the lucky few that found a way to do what he loves and feed his family. In quite a unique way if I might add.


Alex was asked to join the mortgage industry over a decade ago. With no knowledge of banking or housing markets or anything, he decided to take the plunge and see what could happen. He made it through the economic crisis we had back in 2008 and 2009.


What really turned Alex around was joining Hancock Mortgages and being around guys like Johnny Fowler. “Johnny is truly a stand up guy and would literally do anything to help anyone.” Alex was telling me.


Alex always helped out the veterans as much as he could, during the Christmas time he would buy a bunch of gifts and take them to the local VFW or the fundraiser he’s doing with Rob Secades a very well known artist to help raise money for veterans.


Alex started focusing heavily on VA loans and has found a way to really make the process easy. He’s begun teaming up with amazing people in the industry that help with things like appraisals and underwriting the loans and realtors so that way the entire process can be easy on the veterans.


Over 80% of the mortgages that Alex does are VA loans.


With over 2 years now primarily focused on VA loans, Alex now even teaches other mortgage officers about VA loans and how easy they can be if you’re educated on them.


He does this through a platform that is called Military Mortgage Bootcamp.


Michael Fisher and Jay McMakin started Military Mortgage Bootcamp to help mortgage officers like Alex learn the rules of writing VA loans.


With Alex’s fast learning and wild success writing more than 80% of his business as VA loans… He’s the absolute go to guy when it comes to needing a mortgage.


Did I mention you get an amazing closing gift too?


Alex Partnered with Zarate Steelworks to provide this amazing piece to each and every client that Alex helps obtain a VA mortgage. “It gives them something to truly cherish, it’s my way to give back.”


If you’re interested in the Military Mortgage Bootcamp, Obtaining a VA loan, or this amazing work of art for yourself… Get in touch with Alex Jimenez.


Or email him at

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