Copywriting Training

“It’s Not Me… It’s You.”

I mean that.
You’re here not because I’m an amazing copywriter with an impressive client list or I ran the most amazing ad that caught your attention. Although both of those are most likely true…
You’re here for one of these reasons…
  • You’re sick of your ads not converting
  • You’re sick of your client’s ads not converting
  • You want to reach A-list quality with your copy
  • You’re ready for a 6 figure year as a copywriter
  • You’ve tried everything, but nothing else works
  • You want to make more money
Great news…
You’re in the right place.
I’m pre-launching my copywriting course “Write Like The Wolf” where I’ll be showing you EVERYTHING when it comes to writing compelling copy. That’s the good news.


The bad news?
I can’t let everyone into my pre-launch.
Because the selected group of individuals that jump into my pre-launch course are going to get hands-on training and support from me. Everyone who is selected to be apart of this pre-launch group will have access to me via Voxxer and in our private Facebook group where I’ll be active in answering questions and providing guidance.
Because of this extra hands-on support I simply can’t allow everyone in. So I’m limiting the amount of pre-launch students to 10.


“But how much does it cost?”
If this is a question that’s going through your mind then I will not be selecting you for this test group. Why?
Because you’re not looking at the bigger picture here.
How much money are you losing because your copywriting skills aren’t A-list status?
How much money are your funnels losing?
How much money are your clients losing?
How much money are you leaving on the table?
Let me break this down for you…
You’re getting:
  • Access to my private Facebook Group  — $997
  • A Digital Academy with over 4 Hours of content and NO FLUFF — $4997
  • Voxxer Access to me for 6 weeks 24/7 — $9997
  • My Newest Book — The Copywriter’s Manifesto — $19.95
  • The Dream 100 Guide — $7.95
  • A Virtual High Five — Priceless
I can’t even do the math, but that sounds like a lot of money.

The First 10 People To Apply & Be Accepted Will ONLY Pay $97

The Deadline is December 31st


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