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Hey Friend,
I’m probably jetting off into the sunset right now as you read this.
It wasn’t always like this for me you know. I wasn’t always able to roam the world and work from virtually anywhere with internet. Before I could live this extravagant lifestyle I spent many years in a sales job.
That job required me to work around 75-80 hours a week all while I made someone else a lot of money. This started driving me nuts. I’m sure you could imagine.
I began looking for other alternatives. You know those get rich quick schemes. I started investing heavily in Facebook ads and digital marketing trying literally anything I could to make money online.
I started investing tens of thousands of dollars on every mastermind and digital marketing course that was available. I began obsessively studying the most successful internet marketers. It didn’t take long before I started making some of my money back.
I was crushing it. I was making money online. It was incredible. You know the feeling right? When that first dollar hit your bank account?
I know for me it was an extremely long and lonely journey. Continuously investing thousands and thousands of dollars into Facebook ads trying to make it work. I soon realized the secret sauce that made it all work. That made it all happen.
It wasn’t because I was targetting the right audience and had the most amazing products to sell…
I remember one night when I was sitting at a friends house. It was probably 2 in the morning and we were thinking of ideas to run advertising in a hyperlocal campaign. We were running ads for business consulting and they were video ads.
We both were running the exact same video, same audience, same account… same everything.



The difference?


The copy.
The copy was the only difference and I was spending almost 1/20th the cost he was. I was running my campaign on $1.00 a day where he was running the same exact ad but with different copy at $20.00 a day.
The results were incredible. My reach was larger. My impressions were through the roof. My video percentage? Was the same. My click through… out of this world.
The click through on that campaign was over 47% compared to his 6%.
It blew my mind.
The copy was what mattered.
The copy matters for you too. For your brand. For your product. For your service. For your advertising… For EVERYTHING.
If you’re curious how copy can explode your business into the heights that you’ve never been able to imagine…


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