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From the laptop of Cole VanDeWoestyne…



Hey Friend,

I’m probably jetting off into the sunset right now as you read this.

I only say that to brag just a little. The internet has created some amazing opportunities for digital marketers and has allowed us to build a lifestyle that we love.

If you’re selling products or services online it doesn’t take a lot to automate it all and eliminate your actually need to be present in any given location. The one piece of the pie that helps? Your ad┬ácopy.

I’m often asked what this even means…

I’ll tell you.

Your ad copy is…

  • Your Brand

  • Your Message

  • Your Pitch

  • Your Guarantee

  • Your Persuasion


So why are you copy and pasting others sales pages?

Why are you letting your copywriter use templates?

Why are you letting yourself use templates?

Why Why Why Why Why

If you care about your brand and plan to be in business for the long haul…

You need unique copy that sets you apart from everyone else.

When you use templates or copy and paste… you sound exactly like your competition. (and you’re nothing like them. You’re better!)

So fill out this form below and start standing out in your market place.

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