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First and foremost CONGRATS!!!

You’ve made it to THE MOST IMPORTANT PAGE.


However, hiring me isn’t as simple as handing over money and making your problems disappear.


I have to put in place a short and sweet process to vet ALL of my clients first…




I would hate for you to hand me money, and we not be a good fit for one another.

I have a very particular set of skills of persuasion and honestly… it doesn’t work for every industry and every company. 


So what I do is set up an application process to be sure I’m not wasting your time. 



So what’s worst case scenario here?



You fill it out, we aren’t a great fit… I introduce you to someone I believe you’ll be an amazing fit with and you still get what you were looking for in the first place.



Best case scenario?



You just brought on a high converting copywriter to explode your business to the presidential suite of success.



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