She Grew Up in The Bay Area With More Hustle Than Most…

She Grew Up in The Bay Area With More Hustle Than Most…

Meet Lindsay,


Actually… let me tell you exactly what happened when I talked to Lindsay for the first time…


I was helping a friend of mine sell his screen printing services (Custom T-Shirts) and I had interacted with Roxanne Hoover who is involved with #Ladyballs Apparel. I was sent over to Lindsay for finalizing anything because she is the decision maker.


When I jumped on the phone with her for the first time she was very precise and intentional with her words. She knew what she wanted and how much she wanted to pay.


Actually out of all the clients I’ve dealt with for screen printing… Lindsay was the easiest.


We finally landed the order and begin doing business with Lindsay.


Over the next few months I stayed in touch and started noticing that this girl just doesn’t stop hustling. EVER.


She’s a Rockstar Mortgage Officer and has been since 2000.  It’s truly the only career she’s ever had.


What’s even more awesome, is that she has an impressive real estate portfolio herself. She’s flipped houses and even held some awesome rental properties over the years.


So I wanted to interview Lindsay and figure out what her story was…


Why is she wired so differently than the rest of the world?


She has a strong passion to want to help lady entrepreneurs all over the world.


That’s why #Ladyballz was formed.


This isn’t just an apparel company to make women around the world feel empowered… this is a movement to join women entrepreneurs from all over the world together to give the support and encouragement needed to level up.


With over 1200 active members now and every day they see more and more women becoming involved… This is going to turn into a massive movement that you need to be apart of.


Click Here –>   To Join the Syndicate.


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For a one of a kind unicorn tank top.


Follow Lindsay on her journey… It’ll be an exciting one!