From Having it All, To Losing it… And Getting it Back Again

From Having it All, To Losing it… And Getting it Back Again

The Sweet and Short Story of Dana Croft.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I jumped on the phone with Dana. It only took about 30-45 seconds for me to realize her story was going to be something that would be fun to not only write about but to share with the world as well.

To believe I’m a savage sales person (Someone who can sell anything to anyone at any given time) after hearing the rise of Dana throughout her career is far-fetched to me anymore.

She’s been able to not only dominate and lead the pack in sales no matter what company she worked for but to take 4 years off to spend time with her kids and then come back and just hit the ground running even faster than she was before is mind-boggling to me.

Dana is the National Sales Director for Cardtapp. Although the product she sells is a no-brainer purchase for anyone who has a product or service they offer up for sale… She still kicks ass and takes names. She’s helped people in a variety of industries not only transform into the digital age for such a small dollar amount but helped them generate FREE LEADS using her product too! It’s truly amazing.

So why is this product such an easy sell for Dana?

She’s been in your shoes… Selling products and services for the last 18 years or so. She’s had to overcome objections, provide more information, hand over her business card… and a number of other things we do as salespeople every single day.

She get’s it.

She uses Cardtapp to generate her own leads. She’s helped some big-time players in multiple industries generate thousands of leads through the Cardtapp app. It’s truly remarkable.

Check it out FREE… Text “Dana” to 36260

Her ability to really put herself in your shoes and explain to you a situation she’s personally been in where her product would actually have helped her if only it had existed when she needed it will really put you at ease.

It’s an extremely simple product to use and your potential clients and previous customers will absolutely love it. So be sure to get in touch with Dana to take your business cards to the next level!

Seriously if you haven’t already, Text “Dana” To 36260

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