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My First Book…


“Create Your Spark, Love Your Inspiration” is a series of inspirational stories tied together with entrepreneurial mindset-hacks that is sure to fire you up and get you pointed in the right direction to achieve the dreams you’ve always had. This book is Pre-Order ONLY with an anticipated launch date in February 2018.

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“Create Your Spark, Love Your Inspiration” $14.95 Pre-Order ONLY

My Second Book…

“The Copywriter’s Manifesto” is the “How to guide for beginner copywriters.” The only reason I’m writing this book is that I wish I had a go-to resource like this when I first began my copywriting adventures. I’ve failed a lot, made a lot of mistakes, spent countless hours researching and googling answers trying to find my way. I don’t want the process of getting started to be so challenging because it simply doesn’t need to be. I’ve compiled of to get started, landing your first client, terminology, the basics, and best practices. This book will be your one-stop shop for your copywriting business.

Think of it as your new resource guide to look to when you have a question during your start-up phase of your copywriting or freelance writing career.

If you’re a copywriter or thinking about starting to be a copywriter this is a MUST HAVE book. Grab it for yourself, order one for your friends… get your hands on this book.