How we get people who previously said no to your offer...

... to finally say yes with email!!

WITHOUT hiring more staff, spending more on ads or wasting valuable resources and time trying to handle it all yourself

The most critical factor of email is deliverability.

Because if your emails aren’t hitting your audiences inbox… they’re not reading it.

Think about it, whens the last time you were so excited about an email you opted in for that you checked your promo tab, social tab, updates tab or spam folder just to find it?

If you’re anything like me… or your audience… then the answer to that is likely “NEVER"

So let's start with the laws of deliverability...

The 4 Main Things That Impact Your Deliverability Are:

1) IP Rep

2) Domain Rep

3) Content

4) Links

I want to be very clear, these are in order of priority.

Your IP rep is tied to the server you’re emailing from. For most folks this is out of their control because your CRM is likely tied to a shared server. If you’re someone who is paying for a “dedicated server” that’s great… but not all “dedicated servers” are the same.

In fact, your server may be negatively impacting your IP rep, but for most people there’s not much they can do on their own.

This is one of the things we can solve for you as we have for our clients… But let’s keep it moving for now.

Domain rep is something we can control. This is the reputation that is assigned to the unique email address you send emails from

Here’s how we improve & solidify the highest domain rep possible for our clients…

We engineer a high open rate (of 25% or better on average) so that the ISP’s like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail… etc. prioritize your email to the TOP of the inbox

Once we’ve been able to engineer the high open rates… the ISP’s like Gmail, start to see that people want to see your emails. They begin to prioritize your emails to the top of the inbox.

Content: Simply put, your content is the “copy” or the words in your email itself. This includes your subject lines and everything else.

Things like get rich or make money will raise red flags along with 50+ other words and phrases, that the ISP’s will flag and deprioritize your email.

Links: If you’re trying to promote an offer via email and use a regular link like or tiny url or a clickbank hop link, these reputations are outside of your control because 100’s of thousands if not millions of people are using those url’s. We want to control the links.

Although you may control the link that those link shorteners and redirects are going to…

The link in the email itself is the one that holds the reputation. 

There’s a few that we recommend for our clients pretty regularly, but they’re more on a case by case basis.

And remember this all works from top to bottom…


The higher the IP rep, the more you can get away with in your content

The higher the domain rep, the more you can get away with in your content.

We take a top down approach. Which allows us to use extremely effective copy WITHOUT the risk of hitting the spam folder.

Here’s how we make it happen:


The M.A.R.C. Method

This is the same method we deployed for one of our clients that took them from low engagement, lost leads and low revenue and medium to high CPA’s…

To the highest engagement we’ve ever seen (67% open rates), hyper engaged leads, lower CPA and more than 7 figures monthly in revenue from email alone.

So let’s get into it…

Phase One: Maximize IP & Domain Rep

As we mentioned before, the top two most important pieces of the email puzzle are IP and Domain Rep… 

As you can see here on the screen this is from June of 2021 when I took over a clients account

You can see that towards the end of July the were able to flip their domain rep from Medium to High. 

Here’s how we did it…

What we did was segment the list down to protect our IP and Domain rep every time we sent an email. 

Phase One is all about cleaning up and doing “light segmenting” 

We created the following segments: 

10 Day, 30 Day, 60 Day, 90 Day and 100 Day Engaged

Simply put, for someone to be a “10 day engaged” lead they would have opened or clicked one of our emails in the last 10 days.

Someone in our 100 Day Engaged segment may not have opened in the previous 90 days, but did open on day 91. 

So they fall within the 100 Day Engaged window!

The person most likely to open an email is someone whose opened it most recently

The person most likely to not open is someone who hasn’t opened in awhile

So what we do to engineer high opens is we would send an email in the morning to the people most likely to open

This will engineer a high open rate of maybe 35% or more.

In the afternoon we’ll mail our wider segments like 100 day engaged to try and pull those unengaged contacts into our engaged segment. (I’ll show you more about what this looks like and why in a minute)

Phase 2: Accelerate Your Reach

Our ultimate goal is to help you reach more of your leads that you’ve paid good money to generate from your paid traffic strategies… Or even organic content.

Here’s an example of what more reach looks like…

You can see this is the same client as before, in September of 2021 our 100 day engaged segment was only 82,421 people. Meaning only 82,000 people opened our email in the l ast 100 days.

Fast forward just 4 months later and that same 100 Day engaged segment now had 95,304 people in it. 

That’s an increase of 13,000 people that not only received the email, but if you look closely…

We saw 13,000 MORE opens. Coincidence? NO. If we get more people engaged, more people will open and read your emails.

AND… we DOUBLED the amount of clicks WITHOUT having to double the amount of people we’re mailing.

Simply put, the leads on your email list WANT to engage with you, you just have to be intentional about how you engage with them.

Phase Two is all about taking people who have not engaged in the last 11 to 100 days and getting those people to open and engage with our emails.

We don’t want to “click bait our way” there, but rather entice them with very specific communication that would be relevant to their awareness level.

In other words the purpose of sending the morning email is to reset our reputation for the IP and Domain and in the afternoon we earn the right to take the risk of mailing a wider segment of the list.

We think of it like a funnel inside your funnel...

Here you can see a normal sales funnel.

At the top are your leads from Facebook, IG, Tik Tok or whatever platform you run traffic on,

The bottom are people who buy.

What if we could look at a funnel slightly differently here?

What if…

We could take the same amount of leads…

Put them through your same exact funnel, so no changes need to be made…

And we bolt on our proprietary strategy and process to RE-ENGAGE old leads who didn’t buy originally?

Our approach to a funnel looks something like this.

It’s a normal funnel on top, in the middle you still see the same number of sales occurring…

But we apply the M.A.R.C. METHOD EARLY and OFTEN to increase the width of the bottom of the funnel. 

This drives more sales, more engagement and overall a better customer experience!

Someone who hasn’t opened in 100 days could very well be a buyer… so we mail to our wider segment of the list once per day to try and pull people from the 100 day segment into the 10 day segment.

Simply put, we take those people who “look” as if they aren’t interested… and we find a way to peak their interest and put them back in the funnel.

It’s kinda like getting a second, third, fourth or even fifth opportunity to sell your leads.

This is “why” our clients typically see a pretty significant decrease in Cost per Acquisition or CPA and a MASSIVE lift in revenue.

We aren’t reinventing the wheel here, we simply want to continue engaging with leads that you already paid for and give them an opportunity to buy on their terms with unique messaging that represents EXACTLY where they are in the process.

Phase 3: Retain & Convert no’s into yes’

Once the leads have come through your customer acquisition sequence we’re going to put them into a nurture sequence where we’re educating them, giving them real tangible actionable value. This isn’t email marketing in the early 2000’s where we beat someone over the head 24/7 with spam.

The number 1 thing that produces a good open rate, is people recognizing and LIKING the person sending the email.

Remember that we want to engineer those open rates so we can get priority for TOP of inbox.

This is why earning the right to email our leads and customers is critical and why we use our nurture sequence with EVERY client, regardless of the industry, niche, offer…etc.

Remember this screenshot from earlier?

Once we earn the right to mail our list frequently… we have then earned the right to make offers to the list regularly…

And the weird part is… they actually like it and tend to engage MORE than they would if we didn’t engineer these open rates to our advantage.

Here’s some more proof: 

2 years later and the IP and DOMAIN rep are still climbing higher than ever…

and their revenue and engagement is doing the same!

This is how it's unfolded so far...

June 2021:

Medium IP and Domain rep, low open rate, 250k revenue



High IP and Domain rep, High open rate, over a million in revenue every month directly from people who previously said no to working with them originally.

Year to date for this client we’ve sent more than 132,000,000 emails and have more than 1.1 million clicks…

When we first started with them they were sending less than 30 million per year…

That’s 100,000,000 MORE opportunities to sell their products and services.

AND… is how we were able to add 7 figures MONTHLY to their bottom line with just email alone. (from people who actually said NO the first time around from their funnels)


We’re not looking to increase your engagement by just 10% or 20%...

We’re looking to SKYROCKET your engagement to the highest levels possible.

Here’s how we retain and convert our leads into customers:

We hyper segment them

Example of this would be when we’re sending out a promotion, 

We’ll do our normal segmenting of engaged v.s. Unengaged… etc.

Then, about 3 or 4 days before cart close of that particular promotion we’ll hyper segment down into people who have clicked our emails and seen the offer…

Then we have a more direct, more transparent and more relevant conversation with people who already expressed interest in the offer, but refused to take it.

This is how we drive additional revenue…

And missing or skipping any piece of this puzzle makes it extremely difficult for the M.A.R.C. Method to work…

The obvious problem here is that this takes a lot of time and dedication.

If you're a leader of your business then in all likelihood you don’t have the time to run your business and schedule anywhere from 2 to 5 emails every single day, segment out your list, analyze the data and have direct conversations with people.

That's where we come in...

Simply put we’ll…

First: clean up and organize out your list

Second: We’re going to start segment your list out, improve domain rep and ip rep so you start inboxing immediately

Third: we’re going to add in your nurture and promotional sequences to maximize sales

We handle everything from a to z with your email…

We’ll write, manage and schedule all of these pieces 2 or more emails every single day depending on what’s needed for your audience and offers

We do all this for a FIXED monthly cost of 10 to 30 thousand per month. 

That means we don't take any commissions, rev share, or pull any of the shenanigans most marketers try by reaching their grimy hands into your pockets. 

You've worked hard for your profits. You should keep it. 

We'll just help you make lots more of it.

With that you'll also get:

✅ Copywriters dedicated to your account

We’ll spend our time learning about your voice, your customer avatar, your products and offerings, your core values, vision and mission and customer journey. 

So we can communicate with your audience in the best way possible.

✅ Custom Data Driven Segmentation

So we can reach the maximum number of people in the EXACT place they are as a buyer. Whether they need more information, proof, pressure, or examples of it working for them.

✅ We do our best to measure the revenue based on the KPI’s you provide to show you the results are coming through the door and we’re growing your customer base so you know that it’s all working according to plan.

Applying this to your business allows us to convert people who originally said “no” to your offer in your funnel, to convert into “yes” 


✅ If you’re spending over $20k a month in ads

✅ Doing 7 figures per year or more in revenue

✅ And have a high ticket offer of $3,000 or more that we can sell via our services.

✅ And If you’re in experts space. So coaches, consultants, course creators and experts.

We’re not doing ecommerce physical products or saas.

Then fill out the application below so we can help YOU grow your list, maximize EVERY dollar you spend on advertising by converting your leads into customers and simplifying the entire process for you. 


** The more information we have, the more accurate we can be when we reach out and talk through whether or not we can be a good fit to work together **